Day 1 – Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible in the visible

Welcome to my first daily blog and the first day of my month to try and change my life. In the wise words of Sheryl Crow ‘The first cut is the deepest’ and today was hard. As usual I woke up feeling just as tired and demotivated as when I went to sleep. I dragged my body out of bed at 9AM and I looked in the mirror and said ‘pull yourself together Jess’ because I know in my heart of hearts if I’m going to beat this I need an attitude change. Fibromyalgia has affected me in a lot of ways both Physically and Mentally. I am like a lot of other sufferers in a lot of pain across my back and my neck. I have over the last couple of years since my diagnosis become lazy, fat and demotivated and it frustrates me enormously. I am 22 years old and I know I shouldn’t feel like this. I’m taking this experience 1 step at a time and hope in a months time my outlook will have changed.

Today is the first day of my sick leave. I’ve used it to set myself some goals and to try and work out how I’m going to use the next month most effectively.

Goals and how I’m going to achieve them:

  1.  Lose some weight (see attached Jess’s fat chart). a184af5b-a246-4945-8cd2-df6dedd69822 To do this I will change my diet to cut out condiments (I love sauces) and as much saturated fat (Oil/ Fats and Sweets) as possible. I don’t think cutting these out completely is healthy or sustainable so I emphasise the ‘cutting down’. I will be weighing myself weekly and will keep this page updated in my progress.
  2. Get fitter and healthier. To do this I have started Blogilates 1 month plan and will let you know how I’m getting on.
  3. Stretch and strengthen my back daily and alleviate the pain. I have seen quite a few YouTube videos taking you through step by step on a number of stretches. Again I’ll let you know what I think.
  4.  To feel happier in myself. To do this I need to push through the mental barrier that the condition has made me put up and challenge myself to think differently. Like I can do anything I put my mind to.

So that’s me signing off for today. I’m making Rick Steins Randang curry for dinner in my slow cooker, I’m very excited. Will share a picture tomorrow.

Jessica Smith

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